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Special Resources for SocioClub


Free Presentation: Prepare for the Bear, Part 1 -- Reality Fractures, Society Splinters

Bear markets bring change to more than just the stock market trend. How can you prepare for turbulence in broader society and culture?


Free Presentation: Marijuana and Mood – The Past, Present and Future of Pot Prohibition

Mood, markets... and marijuana. See the compelling socionomic story of pot's prohibition -- and what the future may hold for the War on Drugs.


How You Can Get Ahead of a Fast-Moving News Cycle

Discover what the news actually reveals in this three-part intro to the science of socionomics, from Matt Lampert.

Popular Culture and the Stock Market

Classic Report
Popular Culture and Stock Market: Prechter's Landmark 50-Page Special Report

The groundbreaking 1985 report that shows you how Prechter developed socionomic theory from his knowledge of popular music and the stock market.


History's Hidden Engine

This documentary from 10+ years ago is a classic. See social mood’s effect on movies, music, fashion, economics, politics, the media, the stock market and more.